Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013: One word story.

So as the curtains draw upon this year, here is a story that sums up this year in one word.


Sunday, December 29, 2013

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Haiku my heart completely: #Alone

the old moon sighs
kohl dabbed eyes, smudged
footsteps fade, she's alone

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Haiku my heart completely: #Ashes

grey skies, drops of rain
memories, sun kissed evenings
scattered like ashes

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"On a gloomy note" :Christmas Blues

I walk once more on those streets, except those streets have now turned into forbidden lanes.  I drift like a cloud on those forbidden lanes as a chill December wind scatters the evening mist. The air around me is saturated with memories, helplessness and sorrow. The hush of the evening thickens, the world around me is moving. Bells jingle somewhere, a choir performs the last song of the evening in the old grey church. Its almost Christmas. What am I doing on these streets, all alone? Am I not supposed to join my family for a Christmas dinner? Wait! What family? What dinner?
Then I ask myself. Am I not supposed to be setting up the stockings? Should I not be at home, decorating my Christmas tree? Perhaps not. Because if it were so, I would not drift alone on these streets. I would not tuck my hands in my leather jacket, a brandy bottle carefully in my upper pocket and make puffs of carbon dioxide. 
Another Christmas wish wasted. Another evening passed by. I still have not set up my Christmas tree. Perhaps, for the first time in twelve years, I am on the busy streets of the city, looking around, trying to locate that one face in amongst millions of unknown faces. I cannot find her. I cannot trace my way back to those December evenings when things were just alright. When we exhaled breaths of happiness, of joy, of dreams. Its unbelievable what time did to us. What we did to ourselves. Perhaps, it was always meant to be this way?
Was it? I'll never know. 
I walk down the streets which I had taken years ago, I can't find your trace. I am haunted by a deepening gloom. I am walking on a desolate street. It appears as though no one has walked on it for years. I turn around, people are running towards something. The noise resembles that of joyous shrieks and laughter. I don't belong to that crowd. My destination lies ahead. That house which is glowing with 'Darkness' on the Christmas Eve. I amble on. Lights dimly glow in the distance.

The candle flickers, melts, turns into brown snow.
A despondent sigh and tears in eyes so blue.
The road stares at me, its eyes jet black.
I stare back in horror, sniff on the
cuffs of my trench coat.
Every Christmas wish
wasted. Another
Year, without

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Picture it & write: Flew away.

Image source: http://ermiliablog.wordpress.com/2013/12/22/picture-it-write-23/
Oh stop! Dear Damsel.
The solace you've been searching for
Is not here.
You'll not find his trace.
A bird he was, he flew away.
You chained yourself.
You could not chain him.
You chained your thoughts.
You couldn't chain his.
You didn't let him know.
He'll never know.
He won't return.
He'll fly away.
Like a bird.
And you try to catch him.
Like the land reaches for the sky.
But you'll never find him.
Neither him, nor solace.
He was a bird.
You tried to chain him.
He flew away.

This prompt was given by Picture it & Write 

Gift: Haiku

her eyes
wishing from a distance, for his
smile, and her gift

This prompt was taken from: Haiku Heights #314 - Gifts

Special thanks to Mr. Amrit Sinha for teaching me how to write a Haiku. This is my first Haiku and it wouldn't have been possible without his help.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Does it matter?

Does it matter, I always wonder, that life must cease completely? Does it matter that in the end there will be only regrets, one too many of them. Does it matter that life will be a struggle without the guiding star? This irrevocable silence, these words that have gripped my throat with their paws, they smother me. But does it matter? Does any of it matter at all?
To live is to suffer, to lose is to smother yourself. But do I resent it? Has it not become consoling to believe that life is an answer to every question, the beginning of every ending?
I always wonder if it matters? The little ‘nothings’, the water droplets on my window pane, the mellifluous song of a bird that flies back home, the piercing timid cry of a toddler, the somber sound of a person’s breathing inside a motionless car, the auburn evenings, the solitary ramblings, the tumult discord in my mind, the tete-e-tete with the nothingness, all the little things that do not matter to others. I always ask myself. Does it matter? Does any of it matter at all? 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

The one you cannot have: A Book-Launch to remember.

It was 6th of December and the weekend traffic did not stop her readers from turning up for the grand book launch of “The one you cannot have”.
“I’ll be late. I don’t want to miss a thing.” I repeated a zillionth time as the clock struck 6:40 I along with a friend rushed towards the location. “Hotel Royal Orchid.” It was nothing but grand, the location and the arrangement. I sighed in relief when I realized that the event was yet to start.
“Just in time” I thought, as all heads turned towards the star of the evening, our very own ‘Preeti Shenoy.’ Clad in an elegant blue attire, with a bunch of flowers in her hand and a generous smile on her face, she walked towards the dais. She was accompanied by Dr.Shyam Bhat, a renowned psychiatrist and integrative medicine expert and Ms. Vani Mahesh, founder of Easylib.
Launching the book.From Right: Ms. Vani Mahesh, Preeti Shenoy and Dr. Shyam Bhat,

Author, artist, blogger, a TEDx speaker and a mother of two. When the book was officially launched, the hall echoed with rounds of applause and everybody’s face was gleaming with joy. So was hers
What followed was a light hearted session where Preeti talked about the efforts she had put into writing this book. An unrequited love story at the crux, on being asked by Ms.Vani Mahesh that what inspired her to write this book, Preeti said that the large influx of mails on heartbreak compelled her to take this up as the subject of her book.
The story has been narrated from three different point of views. After having written four books from a female protagonists point of view, how difficult was it to write 60% of the book from Aman's point of view?
"It was difficult" She admitted and went on to say “Shruthi is a mature woman. But like any other Indian woman she is trying to impress her in-laws and earn some brownie points. On the other hand, Anjali is a bubbly and lively woman. So I had to keep in mind the minute details. I didn't want both of them to sound similar,”
Dr. Shyam Bhat and Preeti Shenoy in a conversation about the book.
 “I would write something and then call up Satish. I would ask him if this is the way guys think? I also discussed the same with some of my male friends and now I can proudly say that I do understand Men. If he comes back home and watches a football match and doesn’t talk to you, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you. He just doesn’t want to be disturbed. Leave him alone and let him watch the match.” She laughed, and then came a another round of applause from every man present in the room.
I’ve always believed that she stands apart from the crowd because she never lets go of the Indian touch in her works. Admiring her breezy and easy writing style, Ms. Vani Mahesh said that it is such an easy and interesting read and one doesn’t need to look up for meanings in the dictionary.
“Its such a breezy writing that even if you have five minutes, you’ll feel like picking it up and reading it” Ms. Mahesh added

“The one you cannot have" 
the title draws the attention of every individual who has ever loved and lost. It strikes a chord with every person who has experienced the pangs of unrequited love. No wonder there were twenty thousand pre-orders.

“I was overwhelmed to know that my book opened at number two in the Neilsen Bookscan list” our delighted author said. The floor then opened for discussions and we saw an array of questions. It was then that I realised that her readers range from teenagers to middle aged. “Bangalore is the garden city of India, but it will soon turn into Preeti’s city” an overwhelmed reader from Manipur commented. This was just a start. The questions, compliments and gratitude that the readers showered on her was an absolute delight to witness.
Preeti Shenoy with the Westland team and her books "The one you cannot have" and "The secret wish list"
 Even though she has been listed as one amongst the top 100 in the Forbes hundred most influential celebrities list, her humility and generosity makes her readers love her more. And so we saw, how her book helped some to get through bad times and inspired some to write. She gave out some quick tips to the aspiring writers and emphasised on the importance of word-limit. Also, she asked aspiring writers to take criticism positively and not to let venomous criticism affect them. A curious reader asked if she would like to write scripts in near future. “Definitely” with a typical Preeti Shenoy smile, she replied. Here is a good news for all her readers. She has already started working on her next.

It didn’t end there. The westland book stall was brimming with readers who would not let go off an opportunity to get an author signed copy. The books were sold out within no time. She clicked pictures with all her readers and then as she signed the books, she didn’t fail to thank her readers personally.

Signing the Books, with love :)
“Thank you so much for coming.” She smiled.“With love, Preeti Shenoy” the second page of the just signed books read.
Pertaining to my curfew timing, I could not enjoy the exotic Haiti that was set up for her readers. But I did enjoy something even more exotic. Her book. On my way back home, I flicked through the pages of the book and I could just not put it down. ‘You can't put it down’ Ms. Mahesh had said and now I realize the validity of that statement, as I read the 173rd page of the book.

Twenty thousand pre-order copies, number two on the Neilsen’s Book Scan list, one of the most prominent writers of recent times, millions of readers, and yet an ever so generous and humble Preeti Shenoy!
We wish her all the best for her latest masterpiece "The one you cannot have".