Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Does it matter?

Does it matter, I always wonder, that life must cease completely? Does it matter that in the end there will be only regrets, one too many of them. Does it matter that life will be a struggle without the guiding star? This irrevocable silence, these words that have gripped my throat with their paws, they smother me. But does it matter? Does any of it matter at all?
To live is to suffer, to lose is to smother yourself. But do I resent it? Has it not become consoling to believe that life is an answer to every question, the beginning of every ending?
I always wonder if it matters? The little ‘nothings’, the water droplets on my window pane, the mellifluous song of a bird that flies back home, the piercing timid cry of a toddler, the somber sound of a person’s breathing inside a motionless car, the auburn evenings, the solitary ramblings, the tumult discord in my mind, the tete-e-tete with the nothingness, all the little things that do not matter to others. I always ask myself. Does it matter? Does any of it matter at all? 


  1. It does matter ... life is just a game of dawn and dusk ... relish the dawn and learn from the dusk :-)

  2. It always matters. In fact, the small things matter more :)

  3. It does, It always does. There is uniqueness in every tiniest of the actions. Adapt and evolve. Fail and relish. Learn and grow.