Saturday, April 10, 2010

this is india of our dreams

Afsl guru is A patriot,BhAgat singh and sadvi are terrOrist godra kand is acident .. GUJRAT riots are preplAnEd .15% politicians re important 85% Indians r nt malegaon blast are the only blast R the other blast kiing 1000 diwali crackers?
5 politicians die in malegaon blast are important10,000 die in terrorist attack are not? crores of money for haj.non for amaranth..common rule policy” mumbaikars r humans biharis r animals IS THIS THE INDIA OF OUR DREAms?

Friday, April 9, 2010

bidding adieu to my alma mater

The first mile stone has been reached. Now is the time for excelling in bigger arenas of life, with the king size optimism and indomitable zeal for sweet success in the war zone of career.

12 glorious year spent in this school, the moments to be treasured, the morning bell…the mischief while the teachers used to teach .the lunch break. The gossips. The endless eagerness for results to be declared, .the 45 minutes period .endless waiting for 3:15, and so on and on, an endless list

The days have passed by and now the gentle thought fills my eyes with tears and an unknown fear grip our mind. The fear that now its time to bid adieu and part from those who are close to ones heart. Will it be easy to forget? From skirts to stylish dresses from chocolates to perfumes. From ABC to Antony Brutus and cassias’ speech, from 123 to trigonometry .it has been a long and eventful journey. .but with heavy heart n moistened eyes filled with tears I hear the sad music that plays in my heart the running to the morning school .the march past. the never ending gossips on the velvety grass, the fights, the basketball matches... the scolding of our teachers, waiting for the games period to play basketball l. bunking activity periods , hiding from teachers , the innumerable excuses in order to avoid punishments , the fabulous performance in the auditorium ,the mischief which we used to do while practice. It’s an interminable story. But now as I walk down the stairs each and every step takes me miles and miles apart from my beloved ones and everything flashes before my eyes like a sweet dream! It causes so much of pain to part from beloved ones was never known to me!
Though they cause pain in many ways we are bound to part with teachers and friends so close to heart. . I know the final bell has rung and there is no returning now! I often used to love this maxim of Shakespeare “FAREWELL GOD KNOWS WHEN WE SHALL MEET AGAIN..I HAVE A FAINT COLD FEAR THAT THRILLS THROUGH MY VAIN THAT ALMOST FREEZES UP THE HEAT OF MY LIFE.I’LL CALL THEM BACK TO COMFORT ME”. I never knew that I will speak them with such heavy heart and moistened eyes. It was hard to convince us that we will encounter a lot of problems more difficult than those of algebra and geometry.

I have spent almost 12 most formative years of my life in Carmel. Sometimes I really find this hard to accept the fact that I am no longer a part of Carmel family. The mind gets flooded with cherished memories of past which are now a cherished treasure. When I was somewhere between the age of 12 and 13 somewhere I read in black bold letters “SCHOOL DAYS IS THE BEST PHASE OF ONES LIFE..”Never did I realize the meaning of these words.
I have come a long way. Gone is the frightened, shy, insecure 3 and a half year’s old child too scared to even get up and ask even a single question. Instead there stands a confident young girl ready to embark on a new phase of life. I’ve often wondered about this transaction.. is it just one of those things that happened in the course of everyday living or is it perhaps something deeper something that needs to be thought about more deeply?
Tomorrow I shall perhaps face a ruthless world. One that gets even more challenging demanding more callous less forgiving and a lot less accepting. it is world where man kills man where money can buy anything including people where I am going to stand in such a world?

Carmel has given me a foundation on which I can successfully embark on the very adult business of earning a living. It has given me wings to aspire to great heights to be true to myself as a human being. Most important of all Carmel has given me faith in my self and god!!!By far the biggest thing that Carmel gave me is dream
I seek inspiration from these lines of Robert frost:

“ Woods r lovely dark and deep
But I , I have promises to keep
And miles to go before I sleep

Stephen court – three days of mourning and terror!

A horrific reality caused more due to human folly where human lives were valued less than mobile towers!

Bangalore last month kolkata this time. Horrific scenes of men n women shouting for help & jumping to death from the 6 storey burning high-rise in a metro. The afternoon killer blaze took almost 30 lives, at least 3 of them whom leaped from the 5-6 storey. Charred bodies were recovered .Several missing. The fire broke out around 2 pm. The sky was blue one moment & black with smoke the next .Hundreds were caught in danger zone … Diners at Flurys ,Peter cat employees , Bpo employees ..Residents...The party zone of kolkata turned into mourning zone.

A women in sand colored salwar stood framed …WAVED…No one knew for What…May be to plead for help or to say goodbye….While people stood shrieking “DON’T PLSS .NO NO NO” she jumped! The sickening thud & a piercing wall pushed the shocked crowd few steps back. The window no longer existed .All that was left was flames...Many clung to narrow ledges climbed on air conditioner cages or hung from window sills that were so hot that they scaled their skin right off palms…They waved and shouted at passerby below but no one was there for help ..Some tried cable wires to come down but most of them fell…

The night mare on Park Street continued on Wednesday with police recovering dead bodies from the gutted entrails of Stephen court taking the toll up to 24... Most people killed were the recruits at the call centre & a couple of officers from the top floor s...Who had no clue where the stair ways of the building were located.

In the darkness of a staircase. A sudden ray of hope chocking on smoke, 18 young men nn women staggered up to what was there last refuge from the inferno engulfing the Stephen court offices...A few steps more & they would be on the roof safe alive. Only a door remained between them & survival .But” IT WAS LOCKED!

ONE can imagine the horror the 18 must have faced..Young happy executives with everything to live for .As the raging flames crept closer the smoke grew thicker, the stairs hotter, metal rods glowed red hot. With smoke filled lungs, they couldn’t even shout any longer .In sheer helplessness the sat down n waited for death .Some vomited out of fear .That was how the 18 bodies were found .Hunched over .mummified near the gate like a scene from Pompeii. Mercifully they All suffocated before flames crawled on their skin!

NO one had ever cared about the maintenance of these buildings .NO one ever asks why the doors were locked .No one ever pointed out the dangers of having lifts by the stair case. All escape routes were cut off... The only hope was the terrace which the 18 tried to reach – but the gates were locked to protect six mobile towers. I ask a simple question..were the mobile towers more important than human lives? The keys were with the care taker who said “I couldn’t go up during a fire to unlock the gates”

Flames simmered deep inside the affected portion of the majestic structure till late Wednesday afternoon while the roof of the fifth floor collapsed In intense heat prompting the civic authorities to declare the building unsafe or order immediate demolition of the two top floors .Firemen kept on spraying jets of water through the wrenched , twisted window frames of the ravaged building s late on Wednesday .The first group of rescuers that were able to get in the majestic place removed a dozen charred bodies. Hundreds of people gathered to get a glimpse of the ghastly scene. However police cordoned off the area. As rescuers cut through the wraps of twisted metals & melted rubbles the next day, they stumbled upon a pair of human limbs a clump of stiff melted blackened flesh ,strip of skin. The heat had been so intense that the skin had fused with metal. AS the gas cutters hissed through the metal beams pinning the corpse the head tilted to side & a tumble of golden dyes soft hair fell softly on the cinders .On of the rescuers held back a gasp .The team paused for a few seconds & got off to work again!. In two hours they found charred remains of another body & then another in 15 minutes stuck between the rods of the stair case looking like a chicken freshly cooked in tandoor with an extra tint of food colouring.By 10 pm the death toll at Stephen court rose to 40 . Still many missing and many fighting for their life in the hospital!

A little alertness on the side of the maintenance staff could have avoided this situation and saved many lives and protected many dreams from burning in the horrific fire!