Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Photographs and negatives.

When the dry leaves danced in your boulevard
And the wind brushed past your face;
When you forgot to remember black and white
 unborn negatives from the past

And a tear of bliss failed to role down your face;
I was battling the lashes of rain.
The merciless brought with it photographs
And film reels that were never developed.
I shed a tear
Remembered you all along.

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Haiku Heights: #316 Claps.

eyes met, love happened
darkness ensued, separated
clap for the showman

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The night after the storm.

Dreams buried in hinges
Wounded forever and frayed.
The night after the storm
I perished in the stillness of your stare
‘We were’ a moment go
And after this storm, the lullness
Defies our existence.
I burnt in thy eyes
I screeched in your soul.
An incomplete poetry was born
When I passed away in your ambers cold.
For let them not be tears
But rain that left a heart ship wrecked.
For let this night not be the last of our life.
Let this night last forever
As we kiss each other goodbye.
Stillness before and stillness after.
Sun-kissed evenings, ash-burnt later.
I pick up the pearls
And walk on the ruins of our dreams
As I watch you walk away.
The memory, distinct and clear.
The night was flamed with fire
I wept, clinging to the flames
That set me ablaze
I beheld your departure
Burnt in that night after the storm
As I waved you