Monday, July 27, 2015

In a verse

Against this world, You and I, Against time and tide, peering into the night time sky A million possibilities of the story, where you had once loved me in a verse. (c) Ayushee Ghoshal

Sunday, July 12, 2015


These words are my home. I have tried to find out the purpose behind these infinite galaxies in my heart. I have tried to drown them in whiskey, wash them out with indifference and then I have wandered for days, looking for myself, for these words. For I can exist only when they do. In their absence, I have begged for poetry to happen to me. The inevitable conclusion has been that these words are here to stay and to make them go away will be to ask the earth to kiss the sky. These words tip toe on my flesh like a fresh morning breeze, plant soft kisses like an old lover, whisper secrets in my ears like a long lost friend. I have tried to bury them in packets of smokes and yet when I have woken up, they have been my string of sanity. They've brought comfort to me on days when the coldness of someone's heart put a winter morning to shame. The world can't make sense of my flesh and bones and these words have given me the courage to walk out of places where my company wasn't desired. While the crowd has failed me, these words have clung to my weary bones as I have stared at the constellations of thoughts and reminded me to embrace every emotion. In the happiest of moments and the saddest, these words have filled up the empty spaces in my heart. And while my flesh and bones will turn into ashes, these words won't perish with me. They will inhabit the air and whisper our secrets to every lost star, trying to find their way out of the chaos. (c) Ayushee Ghoshal