Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Love beckons me home.

Schizophrenia has always intrigued me and left me feeling helpless about the condition of a person who goes through the torment. I have molded  this poetry around Love, Rain and Schizophrenia. I hope you can spare a minute to read the same and find it worth your time. Thanks :) 

“Schizophrenia is when the total personalities of your past lives or the memories of invading Spirits enter your body.” 

Frozen droplets on the window pane
The dead tick tock of the mantelpiece clock
The door crinkles; I find a way out of my room
Stare at the solitary hue, the starless sky moans
Someone from the darkness reaches out for me,
The familiar smell of wet earth, the wind hisses
“Emma” he whimpers
The cloud of memories swirl around me
The sight of us, wrapped in linen sheets
Rain lashing against the window pane
Soft whispers.. “I love you Keith..”
That morning, the sky was grey, heartbeats uneven
Car keys clicked, engine kick started
He’ll be back home for dinner, he promised.
Seconds, minutes, hours.
Love never found its way back home.
White shrouds and red goodbyes.
Boots covered with fresh mud, they lowered him
The skies joined in bereavement.

Seven years passed by..
Love finally found his way back home
Disguised in blindness,
So I reach out for his hands today
Love beckons me home
And I, shrouded in memories and love
Follow him
The ground races towards me
Drunken haze
Pitter-patter loudens,
Love beckons me home
Warm liquid guzzles out, washed by rain
I rest my head on the cold pillow
In his loving arms

I find my home again.

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(c)  Ayushee Ghoshal