Sunday, December 22, 2013

Picture it & write: Flew away.

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Oh stop! Dear Damsel.
The solace you've been searching for
Is not here.
You'll not find his trace.
A bird he was, he flew away.
You chained yourself.
You could not chain him.
You chained your thoughts.
You couldn't chain his.
You didn't let him know.
He'll never know.
He won't return.
He'll fly away.
Like a bird.
And you try to catch him.
Like the land reaches for the sky.
But you'll never find him.
Neither him, nor solace.
He was a bird.
You tried to chain him.
He flew away.

This prompt was given by Picture it & Write 


  1. A beautiful and powerful piece ... loved it buddy :-)

  2. "He was a bird.
    You tried to chain him.
    He flew away."

    Loved these lines. As simple as they seem, it has a deeper meaning. Awesome. :)

    1. Wao. You quoted my lines. Thank you :) Means a lot!

  3. Everything flowed except the "You chained yourself." I didn't understand that line but I liked the rest.