Saturday, December 24, 2016

"We play dumb. But we know exactly what we are doing"

Denial, through the course of history of love, has been under rated. A safe evasive measure to fool ourselves and the world.
I am too stubborn to end this facade.
"I don't care much for what you do." Yet,  your breath causes a tornado in my heart.
You, you have too much of ego to accept that perhaps what we can't define is  nothing but love. Perhaps, both of us will realise our undoing years from now. But right now, we chose to live in denial and cloak our actions and inactions.
Perhaps, we are nothing but two different genres juxtaposed in the same shelf. Yet, nothing soothes me more than the warmth of your embrace. Perhaps, we are the favorite song on repeat that we will get tired of listening. But right now, only you can calm the storm in my heart.
There is no turning back, we know. Only stopping. Perhaps, all at once; without any said goodbye.  Nothing to say, only to watch, as we leave each other with a baggage and a lifetime of commitment issues.
But there has always been something about the flicker in your ambers eyes. It probes me, urges me to take a plunge into this thing called 'love'. We know, this flicker will leave us with nothing but ashes.
"I want to be free. To float in the lightness of being." You take my hand in yours. We stare at the endless rise and fall of the ocean.
"I know. So do I." I squeeze your palms. You squeeze them back.
In the stillness of the night, we play dumb. But we know exactly what we are doing."
-Ayushee Ghoshal
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