Monday, December 26, 2016

"Honey, You are my bad habit."

You are the evening cup of tea, a relief from the mundane affair called life. I run to you for a refill and you empty me of my sanity. Without you, I am a person who needs a fix. Perhaps, the joint of weed that a writer craves for when art refuses to happen to him? The stick of cigarette that  I crave for after my bowl of salad. A glass of wine that I cannot do without. The blood red lipstick that boosts my confidence, the little black dress and the raunchy pair of denims that make me feel good. The sleeping pills that I am addicted to.
You are everything on my shelf that I need, but will never want. We run in circles, always too cautious to step out of the comfort zone for the fear of getting burnt.  I know what we have will never be love, because Honey, you are my bad habit.
-Ayushee Ghoshal

Day 3 #4AmConversationsPrompts:
Tell me about that bad habit? It can be a person, a place, a memory. Anything.
A big Thank you to everyone who is posting their #4amconversationsprompts
Love to read your 4 AM Conversations. Just makes me feel like all of us together in this big beautiful chaotic thing called life.
If you love writing, you can join in and spread the love for words. All you have to do is write a piece on the prompt given here and use the hashtag #4AmConversationsPrompts
Tag me in the pictures after you have posted a piece. At the end of this writing prompt,  I will be doing a give away.
Today's writing prompts is: "Honey, you are a bad habit." Use this prompt to write a 4 AM Conversation.
Spread the word. Tag your writer friends. Keep writing.

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