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Five years later : Aarushi Talwar and Hemraj , Noida double murder mystery - Justice , a far fetched cry ?

16th May 2008 : Aarushi Talwar is found dead in her apartment at Jalvayu Bihar
A day later , the main suspect is found lying in a pool of blood at the terrace of the same apartment.Three days later Rajesh Talwar was arrested and a week later the case was transferred to the CBI.When compromised scientific evidence seemed a dead end , the joint director Arun Kumar switched to Brain Mapping and and polygraphy.The dentist couple took the tests.It however didnt yield a positive result.The charge then turned to Krishna , who Rajesh Talwar remembered reprimanding for ordering an incorrect dental cast.On searching his house a blood stained Kukri , trouser and a pillow cover was found.After being administered with the truth serum , Krishna is arrested by CBI.Two new names come up as the case progresses. Shambu and Rajkumar (Durian's domestic help)

"3 July 2008
The Supreme court of India rejects a public interest litigation (PIL) case challenging the administration of narco-analysis test on the accused. A bench headed by Justice Altamas Kabir refuses to hear the petition, as the petitioner, a lawyers' body, was an unregistered entity.
6 July 2008
An English daily [15] reveals that on the night the murders were committed, the couple Dr. Rajesh and Dr. Nupur left their flat around midnight and came back around 5 AM. They were at a high society party for which 12 suites were booked in a posh South Delhi hotel.
7 July 2008
Dr. Nupur Talwar refuses the allegations regarding their absence on the night of the murders. She also expresses her intention to take legal action against the media house.
CBI releases an official statement on their site, stating, "A section of media has reported quoting CBI sources that Dr. Rajesh Talwar and Dr. Nupur Talwar were not present in their house on the night of 15th May, 2008 and more than a dozen rooms were booked in a hotel in Delhi. It is clarified that the news item is speculative and not true. Investigation of the case is progressing diligently."
.After being released from Jail , Rajkumar alleged CBI of torturing him. In an interview he said " “Inspite of my requesting them to, the CBI never asked me about any missing mobiles or murder weapon, during my two narco tests. A CBI official showed me much of one of the two compact discs they made out of my tests. However, this did not have any reference to any mobiles or weapons. Even otherwise, they never asked me about any missing mobiles, but kept asking me to become an approver to frame Krishna and Mandal. The CBI wanted me to say, on camera, that Krishna and Vijay Mandal committed the murders. But, I refused. At times they would stretch both my legs out on the sides, level with the ground, and two men would sit on each leg to keep them that way. “It was agonisingly painful,” he said. He also claimed that CBI officials would tell him, “We will throw you from the fifth floor and say you committed suicide. Trying to scare me was one of the ways they tried to pressurise me.”
4 September 2009
The Central Forensic Laboratory in Hyderabad releases a report that Aarushi's vaginal samples were substituted with those of an unknown woman. The correct samples could have helped to establish who killed the teenager, and whether she was sexually assaulted before being stabbed. The clothes that Aarushi was found in were soaked in blood. But the forensic lab received clean clothes.
14 September 2009
Delhi police recovers Aarushi's mobile phone in Bulandshah
21 July 2010
Dr.Rajesh Talwar moves the court to have a restraint order passed against the unethical and misleading information being published by some print media outlets.
CBI reportedly seeking help of foreign forensic labs to crack the two year old case.
29 December 2010
CBI files closure report in Aarushi murder case. The closure report filed in Ghaziabad court says Rajesh Talwar is the sole suspect, and that Krishna, Raj Kumar and Mandal are completely cleared.
25 January 2011
Arushi's father, Dr. Rajesh Talwar, is attacked outside court with a cleaver by a youth called Utsav Sharma in protest against CBI's decision to recall the case and that Utsav was upset that Talwar was not convicted. Utsav had also in protest attacked former police chief S.P.S. Rathore of the Ruchika Girhotra case in February 2010
30 January 2011
People from all walks of life get together to protest at Jantar Mantar, Delhi to press for Justice in the case.
9 February 2011
The special CBI court on Wednesday made Rajesh Talwar and Nupur Talwar accused in the Aarushi murder case. The Court has also issued summons against Aarushi's parents, accusing them of murder and criminal conspiracy under IPC 302 and 120. The next date for hearing has been fixed as 28 February.
8 March 2011
The mother of Talwar's lawyer is found murdered in her home
18 March 2011
Supreme Court stays High Court order against the Talwars
21 March 2011
The Talwars surrender passports to the Ghaziabad District Court.
25 March 2011
Hemraj's widow files application in Ghaziabad Court claiming Talwars killed him and Aarushi.
8 April 2011
SC pulls up Talwars for not submitting their original plea.
11 April 2011
Talwars due in court 15 April 2011.
15 April 2011
Supreme Court seeks CBI's response in Aarushi Talwar case.
22 April 2011
CBI charges Rajesh Talwar with forgery and concealing facts.
23 April 2011
CBI says "Only parents could have killed Aarushi".
27 April 2011
Aarushi's hearing in CBI court on 20 July.
15 June 2011
Mayawati suspends police officer citing the unsolved thirteen-year-old Aarushi Talwar murder case.
 March 2012: The CBI argues in court for cancellation of Rajesh's bail." - Wikipedia

" April: Nupur Talwar arrested.

 May: Rajesh and Nupur charged by Ghaziabad court with murder, destruction of evidence and conspiracy.

- September: Nupur Talwar released on bail.

- April 2013: CBI officer tells court that Aarushi, Hemraj were killed by the Talwars. CBI also tells court that Aarushi and Hemraj were found in objectionable position.

- May 3: Defence counsel pleads before a special court to summon 14 people, including former CBI joint director Arun Kumar as witness. CBI opposes the plea.

- May 6: Trial court dismisses Talwar's petition for summoning 14 witnesse. It orders recording of statements of Rajesh and Nupur.

- May 13: Supreme Court refuses to entertain the Talwars' petition." Two

"Sex. Illicit affairs. Murder. Indian media, which combines British tabloid sensibility with U.S. cable’s cutthroat competitiveness, snapped it up and fed it to a gossip-hungry audience, catapulting the crime to the top of the news cycle and making Aarushi a household name.For months, media feasted on leaks from unnamed police sources. They were scandalous, accusing the Talwars of extra-marital affairs, incest, swinger parties, wife-swapping and an “honour” killing. As the whispers grew louder, the well-to-do professionals morphed into extravagantly wealthy deviants who, if allowed, would buy their way out of murder.
A prime-time television drama added a plot twist, featuring the murder of a rebellious 16-year-old girl whose kohl-rimmed eyes were just like Aarushi’s. The murderer, of course, was the father." - 
The murder mystery only served as a source of raising the TRP. The media was neither concerned with the reputation of the thirteen year old nor the bereaved family members.This further complicated the murder mystery because it did everything but plant preconceived notions in the minds of the viewers.Any view contrary to the much believed opinion of parents being the murderers was considered to be wrong.
Noida Double murder mystery is not only a case of a teenager losing her life or a domestic help's decomposed body, found a day after a girl who had everything live for was found dead.It is a story of shattered hopes , it is a story of people who ceased to believe in  Justice , who felt betrayed as Indians.It is the story of an impotent investigation bureau , that was unable to submit an adequate and satisfactory closure report.A closure report that was a  masterpiece of insinuation and self-contradiction.It is a shock that an investigation system can fail so badly.Once , we used to cherish our pride in the country.Now we grieve at the loss of that pride.It is a story where "justice was not only delayed.But also denied."
Even five years later , justice is  a far fetched cry.

 Note :- Have read and quoted some of the lines from leading websites
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