Thursday, November 8, 2012

~*~*~*~That smashing destitute feeling ? Its fair to feel hopeless at times.~*~*~

You know that feeling ? That smashing destitute feeling. When you feel like life won’t ever  get better. When you feel like you’re lost with no direction. Nothing makes sense.You want to break down and cry but you cant. You want to scream out. But you cant. You want someone to understand you , empathize with you. Someone who would just listen to you and wont judge you.Then you realize probably the only friend who used to understand you no longer does.Or probably is too busy.And you realize you’re all alone. Therefore the smashing destitute feeling again. You want to be strong but you just cant seem to carry on.There are moments where you can’t get anything right no matter how hard you try.
Then you hear that whisper . Your innervoice.Which reminds you “Try a little harder. Be a lil stronger.Hold on a lil longer.And trust me.Happiness too will be yours.”