Monday, April 27, 2015

Delusions: An excerpt from a short story.

Even in your absence, you are a part of me. Even though you have found your home in someone else's smile, I am trapped forever in that moment when you gazed into the blue of my eyes and swore that nothing would change. 
Music blares in the background. There's a track change. A sudden emptiness swells within me. I stir the melting ice cubes with an orange straw.
The choice was your's. Always.
To forget what you had never believed in. Your forgetting, my remembrance.  Your laughter, my tears. Poles apart, miles away. You still linger in my veins. 
There's a track change. I am lost in the darkness of the bar. The dazzling neon lights draw a light headed and almost choked up sight of us locked in the corner of the world. Unaware and content. I am left tapping my feet urgently against the corner of the cold steel table. I fidget with the straw, swallowing balls of hurt in a crowded room which smells of all the love that we left behind. I plaster a smile tinged with apprehension. The distance and emptiness looms in the darkness.