Thursday, August 28, 2014

Of what is lost and what remains

We lost ourselves in the perpetual darkness that inhibited our souls. We couldn’t find each other, maybe we never existed. Not before the sun or the moon. Not before love happened to us. But when it happened, I wish we had known that it was there to severe us from our reality and make us a part of our nightmare. The script has unfolded and the game is over. Do we want to find our way back to each other?

Nothing remains of the past. Nothing remains of you or of me. Except for the dry leaves of memories of years when you were my one and only. I go back to the places we visited, the roads on which we walked, brief encounters on crowded corridors and serendipities of rainy evenings. Evenings that compelled me to walk on a string of hope. Hope, holding on to which I left my body sunkissed many a afternoon, waiting for a you. You, who I knew would never come. Nothing remains of the past. It is a different me and it is a different you.

Every  memory is now light years away and even though I can run my fingers through the dry outlines of those hours and even though I want to be the girl of sixteen who was head over heels in love with you, I won’t. You’ve lost everything that I had to offer.

The part of me that was in love with you perished in the stillness of those sleepless nights, nights that were a witnessed to an endless wait. Nothing remains of that girl. Nothing remains of her or of you. I have finally made my peace with the truth that we belong to different universe and that our paths will never cross again. Nothing remains of the past. Nothing remains of the girl who would give away everything to be with you. Nothing remains of you. Nothing remains of the possibilities.


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