Sunday, March 30, 2014

Yami Gautam trends on twitter: So not 'FAIR'

This afternoon I saw my friend tweeting about how 'unFair' Yami Gautam jokes are. I quickly scanned through the trending list and I was more disappointed than astonished to find out why? Somewhere in the corner of my mind I had a vague idea conjuring up that it had something to do with the brand which has now become a laughing stock amongst half of the Indian population whereas some are still holding on to the hope that using it will make them 'Fair and Lovely'. 

Personally, I am not a big admirer of this product or the way they make you feel bad about not being fair. It is not just about fair and lovely, but every god damn brand in the market which are playing with our minds, always making us question ourselves whether "We have it all" or "Have we made it large". This big ball of disgust churns up inside me which compels me to switch off the evil idiot box for good.

I am no less fed up of these jobless twitter users who keep on picking on anyone and everyone they can because:-
a) They do not have much needed entertainment in their life
b) They do not have enough followers
c) If they do have followers and get enough retweets and replies, they dream of getting featured in a newspaper column, so that they can go on and on about "Oh my god. I never expected my tweet will be featured in XYZ newspaper. (Yes, you should follow me now. I am a twitter celeb)
d) They think they are cool

I don't think this trend is anywhere close to that of Alok Nath's. Every tweet has a mean streak to it. Target the brand if you so wish and think it is wrong to commercialize skin color. But Yami Gautam? Seriously? Why? Because she is fair and is the face of a brand? Just because this joke is on a 'fair' lady, is it fair? Well I can only imagine how serious this would have turned out to be and the criticism it would have drawn had the target been a not so 'fair' person. Well, you never know the matter would have gone to the point of 'violation of right to life, equality and human rights'. 

This is one of the most #Unfair trend I have come across so far. I wouldn't have advocated for Alok Nath, NaMo, Rahul baba or Kejru. I was compelled to write this post because the trend is less about what "she is paid to do" and more about her skin color. And this, is #SoNotFair.

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  1. That's how the world is ... perhaps people are envious of her, and that's why all these lame attempts to demean her. It's true, jealous people are found everywhere.