Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A tiny tale : The Visitor

One stormy night there was a knock at his door. His  heart was roaring with fear and legs were trembling out of weakness, he opened the door.The moonlight shone and draped the visitors face with an unexplainable hue of melancholy . Tears mingled with raindrops rolled down his face. The visitor joined his palms, and before breaking into tears he murmured  "Forgive me". A thud, and he was on the floor.

The visitor  had eloped with the owner's wife after gifting  him  an ugly scar. The owner spent his life hiding from the world.The scar drew pity from many, at times it drew terrified glances. So he locked himself in the house for the rest of his life. For the world , he was 'dead'.
The man on the floor was ego,
apologizing to the owner of the old house, his name was "relation".
"How is she ?" the owner asked. He still missed her, "words".
"She is dead". The visitor declared,his eyes burnt up with guilt and the last thing he saw was the  weak rage in the old man's eyes, before the shovel penetrated his chest. The visitor had finally received his reward.

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