Saturday, June 29, 2013

The story of a middle class man : EMI and the triple six offer.

A middle class man got up every morning at five and went for jogging.He wanted to stay healthy because he had to support a family of three.He prayed every night before going to bed "Save my family from every misfortune.At least till my daughter is old enough to support this family.Keep her safe.Keep me safe , so that I can repay all my debts and loans.So that my daughter doesn't have to struggle.So that she can concentrate only on her life and career.I may not show how much I love my wife , but when she prepares tea for me every evening despite the way she struggles with her arthritis,my heart goes out to her.Keep her safe because I still need her"
The family of three used to sleep in one room.The man would sleep on the couch because the bed was too small to accommodate three people.That room also had an air conditioner.The only air conditioner that this family could afford.
One morning , while reading the newspaper , the man sprang up with joy. "Air conditioners for a down payment of Rs. 666" His wife had been asking him to install another Air-Conditioner.With EMI's so easily available , they could pay off the money in installation.
"How happy she would be" he thought to himself. "But I have a housing loan to repay.I also have to repay Sonali's educational loan.I can manage without an air conditioner for another four years.Besides Sonali will buy me one once she gets a job.But what about Reeta ? She would be happy.I guess I should buy it.Rs 666 is a meager amount." Lost in all his thoughts and after much ado , the man stayed back while his wife and daughter went to bargain and make the deal to bring home some happiness.
After having finalized that they wanted to buy a voltas Air conditioner , worth Rs 20111 , the duo talked to the sales man , who till now had been reassuring them that they would have to pay Rs.666 as down payment and Rs.1933 towards EMI every month.When they sat down to make the payment , the salesman asked for their credit card. They didn't have one. The salesman corrugated his bows but again smiled appealingly.
"That is absolutely alright mam.Now you have to pay Rs 7932 only for down payment.The tripple six scheme is available only for customers who have a credit card.Others have to pay four months EMI as down payment"
The mother and daughter duo looked at each other with a frown. They knew they could not afford to pay Rs.8000 at once.Mrs. Reeta Sinha requested the salesman to manage.Jugaad , anyways works in India.But he plainly denied with a smile. Both of them walked out of the showroom. "It is all because of your Father. Had he given the money willingly , we would have bought the AC by now. Even Mrs Kapoor has three Air conditioners.Her husband is two posts junior to your father.Its all his fault."
The daughter looked at her , disgusted. "Please maa.For once stop this blame game. You know we cannot afford to spend 8000 at once.Dad is not at fault." They had a petty argument and drove back home in awkward silence.None was ready to talk to the other.
Mr.Sinha was sleeping when Sonali opened the door. She stood near his bed , examining the wrinkles on his once perfect face , his hair that had grayed with age and the spots underneath his eyes due to high blood pressure. He opened his eyes and looked at her . "What happened ?  Where is your mother ? When will they deliver the A/c ? How much did you pay ?" he fired questions at her with child like curiosity.
"Mom is buying groceries at Kamal Kirana. The offer was only for Credit Card holders" she declared , coldly.
The excitement from his eyes fainted , he was reminded of the troubles he had faced when he owed a credit card.Credit card was not a middle class man's best friend , nor was a second air conditioner.Infact, a middle class man is a person who gives up his dreams for his family.A
 morose look spread over his face.
"Ok" he replied.
That day none of them spoke. That night none of them slept in the same room.Mr. Sinha slept in another room which was burning with heat. Sonali promised to herself that  she would one day become rich and fulfill her parents dreams.A middle class family's regular day came to an end.Mr. Sinha had realized long ago and was reminded again : that a middle class man needs to be careful about what he dreams and think a million times before he conjures a wish.That his life , is only a life full of compromis.


  1. Frankly Ayushee i m bit disappointed this time as i used to read each & everything that u write but something is missing this time but overall its good, i mean afterall written by you :)
    waiting for next post.

  2. Thanks for your honest review. :) Appreciate it :)