Friday, January 25, 2013

My moonlit pilgrimage by Dr. Sasiprabha Ps - Book review

The story is about a long distance relationship that starts like every other modern day love story - Via facebook.And that ofcourse makes you wonder why should you read this book ? What is it that makes it stand apart from the crowd of such love stories coming up every other day.The answer is - the way the conversations of the virtual world are described along with the vivid imagery that leaves you mesmerized making it hard for you to differentiate between a face to face conversation and a telephonic or online communication.No doubt , the authoress has put in a lot of effort and has succeeded to a large extent in making her work and story stand apart and set a bench mark for debutant authors.

However there are certain things I would like to point out.At places it becomes quiet difficult for an am-mature reader to grasp what the protagonist is trying to convey due to the ambiguity in the writing.At places the telephonic conversations become monotonous and lack of clarity makes the story dull..At places the story seems to be moving too fast and at places it seems to be too slow.At places one can find themselves struggling to find out whether the speaker is a girl or a guy.It is only after reading the first few pages that you realize whether the speaker is a guy or a girl. However the beautiful description and the flow of sentences compensates for the loopholes.The story does what it is meant to do - make you nostalgic and leave you smiling for hours remembering some forgotten memories of a relationship.Some descriptions - for example "From the dissolving citadel of your consciousness it will take your music out , from yearning threshold of your unfolding dreams it will take our music out. Betwixt the earth and the sky , betwixt the shade and light , betwixt the sprig and drought , betwixt the life and death , it will channel your inner flight" leave the reader mesmerized and yearning for more.My moonlit pilgrimage is - simplicity adorned with elegance - straight from the heart.I'll give 3/5 stars. Half a star extra for the beautiful poetic narration ofcourse.

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