Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Be~~**Yourself**~~Everyone else is ~~Taken**

One often takes desperate measures to FIT IN. In order to please others , one often forgets the importance of being oneself. I am not ashamed to say , that at a point of time i had given in to this. I had forgotten the importance of being oneself.This post is dedicated to that wonderful friend who taught me the importance of being myself. There are not many people whom i am thankful to in my life . But this friend is one of those rare people I’ll be thankful to “always”. Who taught me some important lessons which i will carry with me in all walks of life.
First , sit back and think. Why do you need to fit in ? Why do you need to worry about what others will think of you ? Why do you need to do what others do ? Why do you need to pay attention to what others talk about you ? Rumors ? show them your middle finger  !! Why let something which is not true worry you so much ? BE at EASE. Start realizing your selfworth before letting someone tell you that you are a square peg in a round hole.You dont need to change into someone who you are not for the sake of someone who is not close to you. World is ruthless , but that in no way means you will lead your life pleasing others. However at the same time it means that you should make sure you have not adopted such an attitude that you cant see eye to eye with your colleagues and friends. That can lead to several other issues altogether.
Pamper yourself , dont give in to what others say . Just for the sake of sounding cool , DONT EVER EVER give in to peer pressure. I have come across many people who smoke and drink for the sake of socializing. They find it to be a means of connecting well with their peers. To hell with such socializing which comes at the cost of your health , which comes at the cost of damaged liver and barbequed lungs. On the other hand i see many girls giving in to wearing short clothes as soon as they shifting to a big city , even though they are highly uncomfortable in their attire. But who cares till people come and compliment you for your good look?
We are living in a society , we are surrounded by people who can go to any extent for the sake of having a big group of friends and connecting with them. If you are one such person , or even if you are not. I would just say one word “STOP” before it gets too late. Too often we go a long way pleasing someone , then we are finally tired and then we give up trying to please people and think they would have actually started liking you after all that you did.But that isn’t what happens.As soon as  you start being yourself , (friends who are not actually your friends) they leave you and start searching for someone who would do everything to please them. And you are left there wondering where you went wrong.All the effort you put in , all the precious time you wasted – everything goes in vain.All for them who dont love the real YOU.

Start being yourself , stop feeling unwanted , dont do what others do – make your own way. And above all learn to say NO. Set your priorities in life. Hang out with them , who know the real YOU.Who wont ask you to change in a bad way  just for the sake of fitting in.
Remember – In the end , all that matters is whether you’ve been true  to yourself. Whether you’ve done what is right. Whether you’ve realised those important people in your life , whose presence actually matter.
I guess i have. And i owe this all to that wonderful friend.I have no hint of how that friend is keeping , if i am remembered at all.But this is just a note to remind that awesome person – that i owe this important lesson of my life only to him. If you are reading this , i hope you feel good to know what impact your words had on me.I wish for you every happiness and hope , not because you gave me those things , but because you taught me how to find them in myself.I was changed. I was never the same again.


  1. Thanks for the great article Ayushee! This is an area of life that so many people struggle with. This remind me a quote by Dr. Seuss “You are you. Now, isn't that pleasant?” :D

  2. A good blog as usual, I have been following this blogger for quite some time now and I can say with each and ever blog she is improvng drastically, and the content almost makes sense to those who are actually themselves, but to those who aren't i doubt whether they will even read this stuff under the pretext of uncoolness or probably none of their peers are doing it....

    1. Thanks a bunch hari :)
      Good to see your comment here.
      And absolutely true. Makes sense only to those who know the importance :)

  3. nice :) Ayushee ...keep it up...and wish you all d best,...
    Like page of my upcoming debut novel...

  4. Thanks a lot Aman :)
    Wishing you the very same for your novel. Liked your page :)