Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Smoking : Learn to say NO ! !

“Lack in life” he was hearing this way too often these days..”Do you want to smoke ?” Someone asked him .
“I don’t smoke . Thanks.” he replied. he got a weird disgusted look and the person walked away.
“You should someday try smoking.It reduces stress.” The other guy suggested.
“stress ? Arent there any other way of getting rid of stress other than smoking ?” he questioned.”
“Come on BRO ! You are so much lacking life.Stop being such a good boy ! sometimes go out . Have fun.Get rid of the stress.” The other guy patted on his back
Not quiet liking what he heard , Virat decided to reply.
“The fact that I don’t smoke doesn’t make me lacking life.But the fact that you smoke , makes you lacking life much.You know literally ? For I’ll definitely live more than you and when I’ll stand at your grave while you’ll be chilling with Jesus I will proudly be able to say “Krishna LACKS LIFE.” Moving ahead – I am out here in a pub , listening to good music , chilling at the 16th floor in an open pub . enjoying the beautiful sight ! That’s much safer way to have fun according to me.And stress ? Really ? Am I an orphan ? Don’t I get enough food ? Do I have relationship problems ? Did I become bankrupt ? Did I loose my limb ? No ? Right ? What according to you is stress then ? Not being able to find a hot girl in college ? Or dad refusing you to pay another 2000 buck for a brand new shirt ? I see , it must be that cruel grandmom torturing your mother , who may be has never got proper education but is willing to send you to a big city and pay the best amount of money possible to get his son proper education ? Ohh no . I am mistaken I guess , it must be your girlfriend dumping you.Poor me.Sorry I don’t think all this ever happened to me , so I should really abstain from smoking.” He said calmly but each and every word of his was dipped in sheer sarcasm. Unable to bear the humiliation the other guy replied “You don’t know what life is.You have no problems.You find it easy to say these stuffs.When you figure out what stress really means you will start smoking.Then I’ll ask you if you’d still say NO to smoking.”
“No no mate.Dont defend your addiction with the word STRESS.That is LACK IN LIFE MUCH literally” He took out a cigarette and lighted it. “You see this “ he moved his finger over the cigarette. “This , is your body.It may look fit from outside.Absolutely fine ! And this lighted part is the virus which is eating you from within.The tobacco lets say represent your organs which are slowly decaying as a result of the constant intake of the poisonous smoke.” He peeled out the white cover of the cigarette and allowed the tobacco to burn. “This you see my friend , the ashes , this is what is becoming of you from within.Hollow !” he threw the cigarette now and smirked gently.
“Speaking about knowing life , I had lost my mother when I was six.I had loved a girl for 5 years who is getting engaged this weekend.We were never in a relationship.My brother died.You know why ? He gave into peer pressure.He smoked 2 packets in a single day.He started off with smoking 2 per day.Just like you asked me to do right now.It starts with “Even if I smoke a packet I wont get addicted.Turns into “I cant live without smoking sutta” He had lungs cancer.The last thing I heard him saying was “Don’t SMOKE.You’ll end up in a hospital room in the worst case just like me.” Anyways.I really don’t know what life is.I need to go back.Its already 11:30.Smoke as much as you want to.After all its your life.And ohh yeah just remember , please don’t throw the cigarette here , on the floor.You don’t love your life.But cockroaches do.Adios.” he smiled as he threw Krishna a disgusted glance , got up from the chair and walked out of the pub.
As he reached his house that night he sat down at the stairs near the entrance.He looked at the sky “Mumma , I told you ! One day.I’ll make you proud.Dada.I didn’t give in..I kept my promise.I learnt to say NO” he smiled as he looked at the sky. Two raindrops fell on his eyes and he smiled.


  1. Lovely..Well Smoking Kills..a True Fact,..:D

  2. It does :)
    Thank you so much :)

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  4. Great Post Ayushee, lets hope this post reaches a wider audience and I sincerely hope people quit Smoking. there is absolutely nothing cool in having barbecued lungs :P

  5. Barbecued lungs..ROFL :D
    I am hoping for the same hari :)

  6. Haha :P Hope that wasnt Sarcasm :P

  7. Again,u impressed me....a very inspiring story.......very nice!!!!...ayushee you write really well