Saturday, May 26, 2012

How do I fare "thee" well. ?

It has never crossed our mind what tomorrow will be like.Only yesterday i was talking to one of my friend abhilasha and it triggered such an intense feeling of nostalgia.It compelled me to think how i will bid adieu to my friends i made in high school ? Two years and we are  insperable.I dont really have many friends to start with.May be 7 .And sadly four of them are pure science students ! Daym it.Three of them are my classmates and are preparing for Corporate law , the same course that  i am preparing for.That being said  , i was wondering how will we ever relive the moments spent here ? How will we spend a day without giving each other a detailed account of how our day was ?
Conversations which usually started with "Abey kamine".Laughters and tears , the two impression of every expression,where will we get the deja senti again ? This feeling and unrest streaks within me every time a timeline is completed.Last time i found myself pondering upon this topic  was when i passed standard 10th.Two years later i seem to have known quiet too much about life and relations and guess what ? I am yet to know too much about it.I have realised that goodbyes will always hurt.Photographs wont replace the feeling of being there , being with them , the only thing that will be static will be the fact that we once shared the most treasured memories of our life.
From now on what happens , no memory will be strong enough to replace the memories of these two years.The fact that in all probabilities all of my best friends will be in different cities or different countries as a matter of fact  , is making this goodbye more emotional.
May be tomorrow we will be in contact via Im's , BBM , GMAIL , FB etc. But certainly they wont replace the million dollar smile which lightened up our mood  and adorned our face when we greeted our best buddies with the slangs.Tomorrow may be we will make 100s of new college friends.Friends who will know what we are,but certainly wont have any idea , why we are so.
The Rat race has already started. Excel in boards , excel in CLAT , Crack AIEE , IITJEE , AIPMT etc etc.And when you get there you find out to ur utter surprise that the race has just begun. The race for becoming the best amongst the rest.Do we even know whats waiting for us ? A world which is more demanding , more callous . A life with no second chances but with make it or break it situations. When we're done with this rat race , the main race begins. The race for surviving in this world,  to earn a living , to settle down with the most elligible partner,have a well furnished house , a ferrari in the parking lot , best electronic gadgets and amazing foreign tours.No doubt most of us get most of the above mentioned luxuries but only at the cost of the little joys of life. Pocket money will change into salary , friends into acquiantance.leisure would then mean going out to some club for playing pool rather than going on a scooty drive on the airport road with our best buddies.
Somewhere we will miss the innumerable excuses we made to attend a party , while we will be stopping our kids from staying out late at night.We will miss the late night telephonic conversations about every crap possible.How we threw up after tasting alchohol for the first time,how we saved money to buy that ONE dress which we had set eye upon.How we managed to have the best quality food at a cost of rs 50. While we will continue to live in the present a part of us will certainly dwell in the past thinking about how it was back then.The rainfall will remind me of how i used to call up my friends and we used to go on endlessly about how romantic the weather is.Every message or ping on BBM will somewhere make us yearn that it is from some distant long lost friend.
I know its hypothetical because coming days we will be too busy to even think about these things . but sometime we will think about the plans we used to make , every dream we shared , every wish which remained unfulfilled, every smile we cherished , every tear we wiped away , there will automatically be a smile on our face and we will just utter "I miss those days man ! I really do" Someday we will visit tthe place again , look at the large gate , the chairs and the blackboard,the secret hangout spots and what not.I will miss the screams of joy , the feeling of togetherness , the feeling of having people to fall back upon , people whom i will never see again in the coming 5 years or may be all my life , probably the people who matter the most , a smile will follow along with two teardrops for sure.
This is just a note , to thank all those people who have made me what i am today.A promise to find solace in the memories , to keep in touch , to cherish the lost childhood and take a nostalgic odessey of the old good days every time i am vexed.
We may be parting our ways today , but i am sure somewhere in some far off place i will recognize your face..I wont say goodbye my friend..for you and i..Will meet again :)

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